Thursday, January 4, 2018

Welcome 2018

Signing off from last year and signing on to this year have been almost seamless, we only really stopped for Christmas Day and New Years Day.

I'm not sure what phenomenon caused the extra activity over the holiday break?  But it's a good sign for our business as we press in to 2018.

In Australia, we'll be increasing our stock holding (again) and it won't be too long before we need larger premises (again), but with every move we make - it's always controlled.  We grow to 120% of capacity before relocating.

With more stock we can offer faster and more accurate turn-around.

I say accurate because in the past we have needed to substitute products for customers die to limited stock.  Don't worry, the substitute is always a higher specification.

But now, with the extra stock capacity we're able to supply the items on order.

In the UK the business is going from strength to strength.

The team there are working very well with large volumes and premium brands.

That said, they're also working very well with custom printed smaller orders.

Their capacity is from 100 bags through to 50,000 per container.

This year we expect business to build again.

With a number of regions and governments banning plastic bags business should be good for a reusable bag company.