Thursday, May 11, 2017

On Time and In Full

We do just about anything to meet the delivery deadlines for our customers.

I've heard stories from other suppliers that they've stayed up all night repacking bags, driven to the ends of the earth to deliver, re-shuffled their own priorities to go out to make a delivery.

Yes - we'll do that too; but it is very rarely needed.

It's our partnerships, processes and systems that help us deliver on time and in full.

Considering we've been making bags since 1992, we're doing something right.

We've got a supplier network that is honed.  Each partner is an expert in their area and pull it all together for you.

Our manufacturing partners are superb, shipping and freight contractors, warehouse staff and delivery drivers are all part of the machine.

Delivery on time and in full.

Our aim is 100%.

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compare and contrast said...

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