Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Welcome 2017

More and more customer focus is delivering results for us.  Working with a smaller group of customers and making damn sure they're happy, receive excellent products and brilliant service.

We are expert makers of low-cost reusable bags - that's our business and we're very good at it and have been in business since 1993.

In recent years (with the acceleration of internet trading and reduction of language barriers), we're hearing of more and more customers going factory direct.

Yes - factory direct does have price benefits, but what is the difference between price and cost (we'll post on this in February).

Long-story-short; you pre-pay for your order.  You save a few pennies on the buy price; but your goods are never delivered.  You still need the bags, so you need to "buy" them again... see what I mean with the price and cost difference?

Also there are too many customers wanting to drive straight to the bottom on price, but something must give - see our post from almost 7 years ago AT WHAT COST?.

Yes - we can deliver the fast and cheap option, but it is rarely worthwhile.

This is our year to delivery more customer service than ever.

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