Friday, December 23, 2016

Farewell 2016

2016 has been a tough year on a global scale aswell as a local one; most people are pleased it's over and we can move to 2017 with greater optimism.

That said, we always like to reflect on the past year with a view to the future too.

Our core business of custom-made bespoke reusable bags has been moving ahead nicely and we've assisted a number of businesses create a perfect product for their needs.

See our custom made Mini Series.

Growth in Australia has not been our focus this year, we've changed to being more customer centric.

We've put a lot more energy in to customer service.

It's an old fashioned saying, but worth repeating that our customers are the key to our success and making them happy is our mission.

We're not saying the customer is always right (see Optus story) and we'll always add our design and production knowledge – where needed – to every job.

See the Design and Production Disconnect.

We've put our expansion energy in to the UK and Europe.  Our small team based in the UK have excelled at supplying the impossible.  Delivering an amazing result to customers that were asking the impossible.

Once again, customer service has been the focus.  Excellent communication and delivery of information as fast and accurate information has made our customers' business life much easier knowing they can rely on the details they're given.

The UK team has been working double time on the back of the Govt. introduced the Plastic Bag Tax – 5p charged for each single use plastic shopping bag used by a customer.

Our other main focus this year has been our supply chain to ensure we can deliver on every promise.  Thus far we've reshaped a number of factors like shipping companies, warehousing and distribution.  There's a few more pieces to the puzzle to complete in early 2017

Lastly, new products have also made an appearance.  Aprons and Tea Towels.  Contrast Black Juco Bags and Heavy Weight Canvas Tote Bags have all joined our ranks.  Successes are too early to tell on some, but the Contrast Black Bags are doing very well – they've been around the longest, the others are fairly new.

As we fair well 2016 we look forward to 2017.

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