Monday, October 24, 2016

Having Clarity Saves Money

If you are clear about what you want you'll save heaps of time and money.

Getting a clear picture of your needs requires thought and planning.

Imagine if you tried to build an office tower without a plan?  What would you end up with?

Chances are it would be a mess, not too stable and probably not suited to the task to be performed.

Also, it would probably be really expensive because you'd be buying materials at the last minute - just before you needed them.

You'd have traffic chaos and all kinds of workforce problems because no one would have any firm idea of when deliveries needed to be made nor when people were needed to actually do the work.

Worst of all, is the deadline.  Time is the one thing that no one can buy or get a refund/credit on.

So if you're working to a deadline there's a strong chance you'll miss it.

How does this sound?  Would you run a business, event or charity like this?

Would you even try to supply anything in this manner?  Does not need to be a building as with this example.  It could be wrist watches, shoes laces or lunch containers.

I'd say not.

If  it makes perfect sense not to supply in this way, why do so many people try to buy in this way?

Yes - believe it or not, we get plenty of customers that try to buy in this manner.

Imagine what kind of bags you'll end up with if you have :
  --  no plan
  --  no dates
  --  no firm idea of usage (target customer and what fabric is needed)
  --  no real idea of quantity

They'll most certainly be last minute, not suitable for the task, probably not the quality you'd expect and most of all they'll be very expensive.

When thinking about getting bags, try to answer these questions :
  --  is there a budget?
  --  when is delivery needed?
  --  what are they being used for?
  --  who will be the main user?
  --  what customisation (printing/decoration) is needed?

If you give us reasonable answers to these questions, we can narrow down the product selection to be sure you get something on time, on budget and suitable.

Contact Bag People Now to give us the answers so we can solve your problems.

Friday, October 14, 2016


Check out Wikipedia ( on the subject.

They basically say that Greenwashing is a deceptive marketing activity used to promote the perception that a product or service aims to be environmentally friendly.

They also make the observation that greenwashing can be spotted by making the comparison on spending.  Whereby more money is spent on advertising being "green" than is actually spent on environmentally sound practices.

Many suppliers of reusable bags will make all kinds of references to all the certifications and standards.

Your challenge is to test them.  Ask the question.

Their ACTUAL certification credentials are a matter of public record.  Ask the question.

They should be produced within minutes of making a request.  Ask the question.

If someone is making a statement or promise of something.  You owe it to yourself to ASK THE QUESTION.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Design Tips : Colour Match


When checking the production colour against the Pantone Colour Chart.

Always check in filtered natural light, somewhere outside (or near a window) with some shade :
  --  not electric light
  --  not direct sunlight