Friday, August 5, 2016

Design and Production Disconnect

There's a BIG difference between design and execution and there are times when the design cannot be completed to the exact specifications set out.

Only listening to the designer can bring about massive disappointment in some circumstances and we had one such a case a couple of weeks ago.

The designer had specified a print method that was not suitable for the logo when combined with the fabric option.

CMYK print was specified which works perfectly on gloss paper, but when printing on a fabric bag the level of complexity does go up.

With the designer adamant that CMYK was the only print method to achieve the desired colours, we took it upon ourselves to produce 2 pre-production samples.

Both CMYK Print and Screen Print... you be the judge of colour quality, clarity and alignment.

This is when the true value of a production expert can be realised.

Needless to say, the customer was pleased with our suggestion.

What hurdles do you face with production?  How can we help the process?

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