Monday, July 25, 2016

Boomerang Bags

Bag People are proud to be involved with Boomerang Bags.  We have donated a variety of end-of-line bags which the Boomerang team convert for use with the program.

Boomerang Bags works to reduce the use of plastic bags by engaging local communities in the making of Boomerang Bags.

A Boomerang Bag is a community made bag using recycled materials.

Boomerang Bags provide a free as an alternative to plastic bags.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Our Coverage

Bag People is a full service company.

By full service I mean that every aspect of our business is managed by our own staff in the right places.

Sure, we don't have our drivers in our own trucks, but our logistics team does control who we use and which delivery method is selected.

The direct control extends to every operation aspect of our business.  Sales, marketing, production, finance, distribution, IT and administration.

You name it and we do it in-house.

For example : Product Management and Sourcing is managed from our Australian Office where the team have immediate contact with our factories (in China and India) because they're in virtually the same time zone.  This means fast responses and accurate data.

We have the right people in the right place.

Going to the UK and Europe - our dedicated sales and marketing people are based in North Wales to ensure customers get fast and accurate attention to their needs.

No matter where you are, Bag People have someone close-by to help with your bag needs.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Be sure to keep your money

Since 1993 we've been making reusable bags.

Sooooo many things have changed in the world since those early days.

The advent of the internet has made the biggest difference to the way we do business.

It's not only about communication with customers, but also the supply channel.

Now it is so simple for buyers to contact factories directly to source products and place orders.

While it's easy to get a reply to a query or get a quote for something.  When time comes for production it's a very different situation.

How can you be sure that the deposit you pay will actually become a reality - which is to say will the supplier actually deliver?

While the number of people you can easily contact has opened up, so too has the number of people that are willing to take your money and then disappear.

It makes me sad to hear that anyone has been taken advantage of, but the harsh reality is that it does happen.

All too often, we hear the stories of suppliers that have taken the money and run.

How can you be sure to get what you pay for?

Since 1993 we've made millions of bags for thousands of customers.

You can trust us.