Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Almost Waterproof

Our Laminated Woven PP Bags are the closest thing to waterproof that you'll get.

The fabric that creates the structure of the bag is sandwiched tightly between 2 thin films of durable plastic to completely seal the cloth.

This lamination process makes the cloth 100% water-tight and it's the stitching that reduces the water tightness.

"So what" you might ask.

Well, this means the finished product will not soak up moisture or spills, plus the laminated surface leaves a 'wipe-clean' finish.

Hygiene is the unseen benefit.

Because the bag is virtually a sealed unit, it really minimises the possibility of "nasties" developing in the fibres of the fabric.

A spill or leak in the bag will be almost 100% contained.  Only a little bit will leak out through the stitching, but it's nothing when compared with the alternatives.

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