Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fairtrade UK

Fairtrade Cotton Bags available from Bag People are going from strength to strength in the UK.

As one of the more socially and environmentally aware groups in the world, UK consumers are aware of the importance and absolute need for fairness and equality amongst the community.

The Fairtrade movement is focused on exactly that and their website has a wealth of information about the structure

Bag People UK can create a bespoke solution to meet the specific needs of businesses within the UK, not only the product, but also the key deliverables of the messages to be conveyed.

Almost all consumers are acutely aware of their obligations to humanity and the environment.

Unfortunately, corporations can sometimes make it difficult for consumers to do the right thing because of the choices they are presented with.

Bag People UK are committed to the proposition of fairness and this flows throughout our entire business operation.

Our Corporate Responsibility Policies are the clearest display of our focus.

Fairtrade features strongly in our business.

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