Friday, March 25, 2016

Is there a Cost to Cheap

You bet there is.  So, let's get straight to it.

We'll use a subject that everyone can understand.

Underwear, yes... underwear.

Even though you may not admit it; we've all had the experience of great fitting underwear aswell as really bad fitting.

What's the difference between them?

Design, Fabric Type and Production.  All these have a price.

Design : How much thought has gone in to the use of the item.  Are they suited to the task?

Fabric Type : Will the fabric be suitable for the task and will it be durable enough to last?

Production : How has it been put together?  Are the seams done 'properly' or have they been sewn together using the simplest and cheapest method?

How will these 3 factors stand the test of time (and wear).

Whether it's underwear or reusable bags, all these factors have an impact on price - simply because it costs more to do thing properly.

BUT the extra cost is not double or triple.  It's a really small percentage.

Think about the price difference on 500 bags.

  $1.29 vs $1.32
    =  $0.03 per bag
    =  $15.00 overall

  62p vs 64p
    =  2p per bag
    =  £10.00 overall

How much longer does a well designed and well made product last?

Think about your own experience.

Apply that thought to your next bag purchase; and maybe underwear too  :-)

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fairtrade UK

Fairtrade Cotton Bags available from Bag People are going from strength to strength in the UK.

As one of the more socially and environmentally aware groups in the world, UK consumers are aware of the importance and absolute need for fairness and equality amongst the community.

The Fairtrade movement is focused on exactly that and their website has a wealth of information about the structure

Bag People UK can create a bespoke solution to meet the specific needs of businesses within the UK, not only the product, but also the key deliverables of the messages to be conveyed.

Almost all consumers are acutely aware of their obligations to humanity and the environment.

Unfortunately, corporations can sometimes make it difficult for consumers to do the right thing because of the choices they are presented with.

Bag People UK are committed to the proposition of fairness and this flows throughout our entire business operation.

Our Corporate Responsibility Policies are the clearest display of our focus.

Fairtrade features strongly in our business.

Contact Us for more details.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Aprons and Tea Towels

Cotton.  We've been using Cotton to make bags since 1993.

We know a few things about Cotton and with that, here's Aprons and Tea Towels.

Contact Bag People for more details.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Great service is controlled by You

So, we've said our bit about service, promises and communication.

Now it's your turn.

Customers are in control of the service they receive.

It all stems from knowing what you want.  If you've got it clear in your own mind then you can communicate your needs far more concisely and directly than if you're thoughts are all over the place.

Think to a time when you bought a new pair of shoes.

The shop assistant does not instantly run to the storeroom and start brining back shoes.

They ask bunch of questions before moving away from the front counter.

These questions are purely for the purpose of providing the best service they can.

Great service starts with knowing what you want.

It's in your control.  Use that power wisely and you'll get great service every time.