Sunday, February 28, 2016

Good Service (Promises and Communication)

Quite often the very overused term Service will be thrown into everyone's marketing and company messages.

What do you think it actually mean?

It's a word we all use and try to live by, but it's a bit overused at times.

Great Service
Exceptional Service
Top Service
Quality Service

All nice buzz words, but still.... what does it mean?

We think it comes down to promises and communication.

  • make a promise and stick to it
    • have the quote emailed on time
    • dispatch the goods when you have promised to
There are time's when things stop you from doing what you have promised.

That's OK.  It just means you need to do the 2nd part of Service which is Communication.

Readjust the exception of the person you've promised to.

In just about every instance your customer will be more impressed with the service you give by not delivering what you've promised.

Contacting them at 3pm saying that it's unlikely you'll be able to email their quote before the close-of-business.

It's so simple.

Make a promise and stick to it.

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