Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How are You setting yourself apart?

This is a point that keep coming up from our customers.

When selecting a reusable bag supplier there are literally a hundred things to consider.

Some people cross-off 30 things from their check-list in moments, other people take months to get to an order.

One thing near to the top of everyone's list is PRICE.

Ask yourself... "will the cheapest products be the best for ______________ ?"

______________  =  my business, my product launch, my brand, my customers.

You insert your own reason in the blank space and see what you come up with.

Yes - there will be times when the cheapest product will do the job and we're happy to supply that.

BUT, more often than not, most of our customers are looking for something that will set them apart from their competition and it's not very often that the cheapest will do that job for you.

Disclaimer : the cheapest product might set you apart from your competition; but not in the positive way you're looking for  :-(

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