Thursday, January 28, 2016

Didgeridoo Bag

Part 1 of our 3 part mini-series of Custom Made Reusable Bags.

Bags for Didgeridoo's.

This customer needed :
  --  user friendly
  --  sturdy and long lasting
  --  easy to ready branding

Heavy-weight Canvas was used for this job.

The customer asks the question.  We create the concept and execute.

From idea to delivery - Bag People do it all for you.

Contact Bag People with your concept.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Choosing Reusable Bags

Here's a list of questions to ask when thinking about getting reusable bags :

1)  how will the bags be used?
       carrying flooring tile samples or cotton balls

2)  how long should they last
       just make it home or still be used a year from now

3)  who is the target for the bags
       shoppers, residents, businesses, home owners, etc

4)  it is for marketing or as a service
       what are you promotion with the bag

5)  what budget do you have
       a simple question of cash-flow

It goes without saying that you're looking for a bag that is custom printed with your logo and artwork.  That's why you're here because here are Bag People, we custom make reusable bags.

We can produce just about anything for you.

We've got a mini-series coming up of purpose made products.

But first - ask the questions and let us give you the answers.

Contact Bag People for more details.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How are You setting yourself apart?

This is a point that keep coming up from our customers.

When selecting a reusable bag supplier there are literally a hundred things to consider.

Some people cross-off 30 things from their check-list in moments, other people take months to get to an order.

One thing near to the top of everyone's list is PRICE.

Ask yourself... "will the cheapest products be the best for ______________ ?"

______________  =  my business, my product launch, my brand, my customers.

You insert your own reason in the blank space and see what you come up with.

Yes - there will be times when the cheapest product will do the job and we're happy to supply that.

BUT, more often than not, most of our customers are looking for something that will set them apart from their competition and it's not very often that the cheapest will do that job for you.

Disclaimer : the cheapest product might set you apart from your competition; but not in the positive way you're looking for  :-(

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Welcome 2016

Ecommerce is our push for this year, getting more of our products to more people, but the absolute focus of being "easy".

The internet is the place to connect, share, research and buy.  Our business does all that and now we're moving towards the buying part.

We've been making bags since 1993... we know about production and distribution.

Our customer service records speaks for itself... virtually all our customers are very pleased with their products (there's the off dud one, but it's very rare).

Our business has been 100% online for 8 years, so we know the internet part.

Now is ecommerce; this will take a couple of months, but we'll get there.

There's also a few new products we'll be bringing in to the range and we'll release them when available.

As always, we're exciting about bags, we're excited about the upcoming year and what it will delivery.