Friday, November 6, 2015

The Value of Quality

In almost all marketing surveys, the average person believes that PRICE is greatest determiner of QUALITY.

Think about your own experiences, when offered seemingly identical products - what 'usually' drives your purchasing decision.

First, it will be delivering on your basic physiological needs of "how does it make you feel?", but running a very close second as the price of the item & where it sits in your perception of quality.

An example that recently came to my attention is a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti shorts, available from Saks Fifth Avenue for AUD $3897.67.

For some, this represents value; however, for most of us I would not estimate that this pair of shorts is over 30 times better quality that a pair you can get for AUD $129.00.

The same can be said for bags.

Yes - there are the really cheap & nasty ones that are no better than single-use plastic; certainly beware of a bag you can get printed & delivered for 35p / 85c each.

You do need to lift your sights a little higher than that, but not too far.

You can get an extraordinary bag with an excellent print for not much more than 80p / $1.80 or so.

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