Friday, November 13, 2015

Ethical Sourcing - Walk the Talk

So - tell me about the working conditions of the factory your last bag order was made in.

Fire Exits?
Toilet facilities?
Heating / cooling?
Lighting?  Is it adequate for the task of cutting & sewing

If your supplier cannot answer these questions & show you photographs of your bags being printed/sewn/packed then there's a few questions YOU need to ask.

Our Product Manager will make "surprise inspections" to all our facilities & manufacturing partners.  Turning up - unannounced - & demanding to personally QC the production of Job XYZ.

It's amazing how some producers react & how they need to "scramble" to get to the actual job in production.

We have immediately stopped working with certain partners due to the working conditions they provide.

Whilst we know it's a drop-in-the-ocean.  We cannot sit idly by & see it happening within factories we're working with.

Sure, there are additional cost but it's certainly worthwhile to know you're making a positive impact rather than perpetuating the troubles.

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