Tuesday, October 13, 2015

UK Expansion Success

The UK operation with Tim at the helm is moving from strength to strength.

In just a couple of short months since the end of July (with the long summer break thrown in too), the UK has supplied to a number of customers in the UK aswell as neighbouring countries.

From the very large... thousands of bags for major Hospitals and Government Departments.

To the very small... a few hundred bags for local businesses and charitable concerns.

Your first question is whether bags will be suitable for you  --  Tim can help.
What fabric option will fit your branding  --  Tim can help.
How big do my bags need to be  --  Tim can help.
What about delivery  --  Tim can help.

I think you're seeing the pattern here.

It's simple... contact Tim :
 - 01978 511 344
 - tim@bagpeople.co.uk

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