Monday, September 21, 2015

Zero Cost - High Value

There are plenty of things that can be done to make a creative, attractive and desirable bag.

Some things are very high cost, but add little value.

Others are low - sometimes zero - additional cost, but add a huge amount of value.

Print if perhaps the single biggest factor that can create an awesome bag or a shocking thing of tragic hideousness.

Simple print that is easily identifiable is a great start.  A messy unrecognisable print is the 1st element of disaster.

Fabric Choice
Making sure the fabric choice matches the desired effect, your target user and the task at hand.

Put simply, if your desired result is sharp, clinical, hygienic and crisp; you'd select Gloss Laminated Non-woven Fabric.

Whereas if you're after the rustic, organic, earthy image; Jute or Juco are your options.

Add Contrast
Tone-on-Tone.  Contrast Features.  Multi-Colour.  2 Tone.

Call it what you like.

If you add together the right colours, you've hit a winner.

Here's a few very simple and low cost additions to your bags that will delight your customers aswell as the Bean Counters.

Gold Museum = Winner
Yellow = the Gold
Brown = the Earth
Pink with Contrast Handles and Gussets
Matching the colours of one of their marketing campaigns
Allyu Spa
Contrast Brown Bags
Brown Print to match

So, there's plenty we can work with.

Just ask the question :