Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Decide on your Bags

OK - you've got an idea of what you'd like your bags to do for you, so what next?

Here's the easy steps to getting the right bags for the job :

1.  Usage  --  what do you want your bags users to do with the bags you give them?  Are they shopping bags, conference bags, swimming bags, pure give-away's or somethings else

2.  Fabric  --  once you've decided how on the proposed Usage, then we move to the fabric type.  This is where you get to decide the fabric based on potential wear and tear, longevity and the impact on your brand.  For brand impact, think about your own image; chic, rustic, clinical, fun, etc

3.  Size and Shape  --  usage has the biggest impact on size and shape.  Is your bag made for carrying massive bags of dog food, or petite little jewellery gifts?

4.  Budget  --  how much are you looking at spending?  At Bag People we have a variety of fabric options that can fit all 3 factors above + fit in to your budget.

5.  Quantity  --  not hard to guess what this one is... how many do you think you'll need?

6.  Delivery Dead-line  --  the time available to make delivery has a big impact on price.  The longer you've got, the cheaper things become.

The decision process is pretty simple, but there are a number of factors that can go wrong and cost a lot, or we can get right for you and save a whole load of money.

Contact Bag People to find out what we cam do for you.

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