Tuesday, August 11, 2015

More about PP

Polypropylene (also known as PP) is a man-made fibre and manufactured using light-weight polymers which are very strong, durable and easy to work with.

PP can be formed in to many different products.  We take PP and turn it to fabric.

Non-woven PP
this is where the polymer is rolled flat into a single sheet (much like paper) and can then be cut and sewn in the same way that regular fabric is treated.

Woven PP
comprises of strands of PP that are woven on a loom in the conventional method of weaving fabric - identical to what you'd expect from Cotton or Canvas.

Historically, PP has been one of the lowest cost alternatives for Reusable Bags, but it has gotten a "bad-wrap" because it is viewed as just another plastic.

Yes - PP is a polymer produced from a petrochemical base.  As with anything that is man-made, if it not treat properly it can have detrimental result.

However, PP which is used and worked with in the proper manner is a brilliant alternative to single-use plastic bags.

PP is one of the strongest, most durable, colourful and vibrant, non-absorbent, antibacterial fabrics currently available.

Plus, PP is RECYCLABLE - it's a Type 5 Polymer.

Lastly, our PP contains 30% Recycled Content.

In closing, you should at least have a think about PP as an option for your Reusable Bags.

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