Monday, August 17, 2015

Big Budget vs Small Budget

bags used by Harper Collins
Not many of us have the budgeted to take on marketing across various platforms.

At Bag People we're here to help everyone.

bus stop advertising by Harper Collins
Big Budget Example : Harper Collins recently launched a new book by Jonathan Franzen.  Big budget for a massive splash.  Promotion via Billboards, Buses, Bus Stops and they choose Bags too.

Yes - big budget does go a long way, but have a little thin about how much all this actually costs; it's mind blowing when you think about it.

bottle carrier for Jennings Plumbing
Small Budget Example : Jennings Plumbing is your local business.  Great service, honest opinions and reasonable prices.  No nonsense attitude to just about everything.

They rewards their loyal customers with a bottle of "something" every now and again.

The simplest and most cost effective way to get the right message out to their customers is a low-cost reusable bag.  500 bags takes them through a couple of years and they've been back to Bag People time after time.

Our ethos is the same, great service, honest opinions and reasonable prices.

A simple equation that has served us well since 1993.

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