Saturday, July 25, 2015

UK BAG TAX - 5th October, 2015

From 5th October this year, large stores in the UK will all be charging for single-use plastic bags.

When this was introduced in Wales, bag usage fell 82%.... and reusable eco-bags, branded by local retailers, filled the gap.

UK businesses can get ahead of the change by contacting Bag People for unbelievably low cost eco-bags.

Design your Perfect Bag :
    • have the COLOUR SCHEME of your choice
    • get the BAG STYLE that suits your needs
    • use a CUSTOM PRINT that delivers your message
Whatever you need - we make it.

As low as 58p per bag for an order of 1,000 bags; even less if you order more.

The run-up to Christmas is critical - start planning now.

Call 01978 511 344 or email

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bespoke Manufacturing

How about bags that are made exact how you want them?

  • Fabric Colour
  • Bag Size
  • Handle Length
  • Material
  • Print Options

It's not too good to be true; Bag People make it real.

Check our website now.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Supporting Fairtrade since 2010

Since March, 2010 Bag People have held the Licence to supply Fairtrade products.

Download our Fairtrade Certificate.

We are continually evolving to maintaining industry leadership position and our involvement in Fairtrade is further confirmation.

We firmly believe in protecting and preserving all the world's resources.

Remembering that resources go beyond soil and water - People are the most value resource.

The Fairtrade focus on providing better standards for people is inline with our company values and the policies we operate within.

Contact Us for more details about Fairtrade Cotton Bags.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Our Environmental Policy

We try not to take ourselves very seriously, we have a bit of fun, we work hard and make reasonable charitable donation regularly.

However, we do take some things very seriously.

The environment is a serious matter.  You may have seen our pervious post about what is happening to the world and here's our Environmental Policy to back it up.

In this statement us / we /our / Bag People means Bag People.

Our preferred suppliers shall, as a minimum, comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the environmental impact of their business.

They shall maintain procedures for notifying local authorities in the event of an accident or incident which may adversely affect the environment as a result of their operation.

Supplier compliance with environmental law shall include any international or applicable local laws affecting the source of materials and processes used to manufacture products.

Detailed performance standards are a matter for suppliers, but should address at least the following :

Waste Management
Waste is minimised and items recycled wherever practicable. Effective controls of waste in respect of ground, air, and water pollution must be adopted. In the case of hazardous materials, emergency response plans must be put in place.

Packaging and Paper
Undue and unnecessary use of materials shall be avoided, and recycled materials should be used wherever appropriate.

Processes and activities shall be monitored and modified as necessary to ensure conservation of scarce resources, including water, flora and fauna and productive land in certain situations.

Energy Use
All production and delivery processes, including the use of heating, ventilation, lighting, IT systems and transportation, must be based on maximising efficient energy use and minimising harmful emissions.

Product Selection
Proactively work with and provide assistance to Bag People in selecting products which are environmentally beneficial.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

A World of Colour

Brilliant Colours are our speciality.

Scroll down for our list of Standard Non-woven Fabric Colours.

But if you can't find your perfect colour from our standards, send us your PMS (Pantone) Colour and we can match it for you.

Contact Us for more info.

PMS 7519C
Deep Dark

PMS 7499C

PMS 7488C
Bright Green

PMS 3308C
Dark Green

PMS 2645C

PMS 2623C

PMS 2597U


PMS 729U

PMS 728C

PMS 637U
Sky Blue

PMS 539C

PMS 477C
Dark Brown

PMS 431U

PMS 367C

PMS 361C
Pale Green

PMS 348C
Light Green

PMS 342C
Dark Green

PMS 337U

PMS 300C
Light Blue

PMS 295U
Navy Blue

PMS 286U
Royal Blue

PMS 225U

PMS 222C

PMS 219C
Hot Pink

PMS 202C

PMS 189C
Light Pink

PMS 185C

PMS 172C
Light Red

PMS 152U
Light Orange

PMS 116C

PMS 021U