Thursday, June 18, 2015

Real-Time Production

Are you an A or B customer?  It might be better to be B.

At Bag People we've got a sales presence in the 3 primary regions of the world.

A nice 'story', but that's not what you're interested in.

You want to know about the engine room of our business, which is production.

Our 2 primary factories are in Asia (China) and the Sub-Continent (India).

These 2 areas hold a great deal of production power & expert knowledge to make the high quality products we deliver.

As such, our Product Management Team is located in Sydney (Australia) which is in the same (or very close) timezone as our factories.

The closeness to our production area allows a much smoother order fulfilment path which means that any hurdles or queries can be managed in "real-time"... as they happen.

You might not think it's a big deal, but here's a frequent scenario.

  * the factory has 21 jobs to complete in 4 days
  * you're job is next on the line
  * there a query about a stitching requirement, print complication or fabric discrepancy

There are 2 ways this scenario can unfold.

A)  your job gets removed from the line because no one can answer the question in "real-time"... can you really expect your bag supplier to answer a telephone call at 2:30am? As such you loose 4 days and go to the end of the cue.

B)  our Factory Manager calls our office while production is paused, the query is answered & your job starts again.

You've got options, it's just a matter of which supplier can best cope with your needs.

You decide whether you're an A or B customer.

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