Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Marketing that Works

As a business, your sole outcome from marketing is profit.

You want new and repeat customers to be buying your goods and services.

It really is that simple.

You want to get your message across to those customers so they automatically recall you when they need the products or services you offer.

Customer recall is based around impact and or repetition.

Put simply (again), you need to get in to their head somehow, that can be with big budget or small budget.

You know the big budget things... so let focus on the small budget.

1) word of mouth referral - the absolute best way to get (and keep) customers is to deliver unbeatable value in whatever you do.  Get them talking about you in the best way possible so customers are lining up to see you.

2) newspaper/local magazine - this takes some spending, but is a great way to get you message out there; local print is an excellent reference tool for local businesses, but it needs repeat spending by you to keep in those pages week after week and month after month.

3) vehicle advertising - if you've got a car, get your message printed on there somehow.  It's pretty cheap and if you're around the local area often people will start to remember you and your business.  Just be sure to keep your car clean and do not be a menace on the road - there's both goods and bad memories of your business to be had!

4) reusable bags - get your message printed on a reusable bag (of course this is going to be our preferred method).  It's a simple and cost effective way of making sure your brand is out there again and again and again, with the added bonus of displaying that your business is one that is trying to preserve the environment by reducing the dependance on single-use bags.

Only you can look after Option 1.

You can research Options 2 and 3.

Talk to us for Option 4.

Again, very simple =

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