Saturday, May 23, 2015

Beyond Boring

Our last post spoke about the humble Non-Woven Shopping Bag.

Yes - the plain old boring Non-woven Bag does not need to be boring, there are a number of little 'cheats' that can make it extraordinary.

The full coverage print from the previous post.

Perhaps a contrast handle to match the print colour?  And if you'r clever enough, you can incorporate the handle to you rally too.

Then there using a contrast lining to enhance the branding and product focus.

A great use of vibrant yellow to match the gold with the dirt shown in brown for use in the Gold Museum.

Very very clever, simple and brilliant.

There's literally no end to the variations you can bring to the design and layout of reusable bags.

Non-woven = Boring... not any more.

Contact Bag People of see what can be done with your bags.

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