Thursday, March 26, 2015

What is YOUR business saying

When you have a reusable bag customised for your business it says a lot of things.

I care about my products : it says that you care about protecting the products your customer has just bought.

I care about my community : I don't want to see 'another' single use plastic bag in the street that could possibly end up in a local waterway or floating on the wind.

I care about my business : I want to portray my business in the best possible way; quality products and quality service go hand in hand when you buy something from me.

I care about the environment : eliminating the dependence on single use bags and the problems they can cause, not only for my local area, but also the wider 'global' community.

Have a thing about what a reusable bag might SAY about your business.

Contact Bag People to talk more about a specifically customised bag for your needs.

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