Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fairtrade Commitment

Every year we go about making the world a better place.

Our Corporate Responsibility Policies are firm and we do not deviate from them.  Every supplier we work with needs adhere to our work practises.

Every year we renew our commitment to Fairtrade.

Annually, our business needs to pass a Quality Audit performed by Fairtrade.

Quarterly, we need to report on all stock movements (both outgoing sales and incoming manufactured product).

The obligation to fulfil these ongoing requirements to Fairtrade is quite extensive.

But above all, out commitment is non-wavering - we perform every duty and fulfil every task that is asked of us.

We do this to make the world a better place and endeavour to ensure that everyone gets a fair go.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Start 2105

If you’ve read the last blog post for closing 2014, you’ll know that this year is a year of implementation.

We’ve laid the foundation and now we’re off and running.

Keep an eye on all our activities on this Blog.