Friday, December 19, 2014

Closing 2014

2014 has been another pretty good year for Bag People, it’s been tough and we’ve needed to make some brave business decisions but we’ve still forged ahead with a number of new initiatives and concepts.

We’ve brought you Planet Eco Bags which makes the highest quality bags available at very reasonable prices.  eBay and Etsy have been the main sales engine for these products.  People out there have an unlimited number of ideas and imagination and they’re always using our products to create individual masterpieces.

Juco.  The newest fabric option which blends the 2 best qualities of Jute and Cotton to bring a brilliant luxurious fabric with the best environmental qualities of any reusable choice.  Learn more about Juco from Bag People.

Our artwork department has been working overtime aswell.  We recognised that most customer do not have the specific skills, time or resources to prepare print-ready artwork to print bags.  So we’ve taken some of these responsibilities on aswell.  It’s more of a service to sell more bags really, we’re certainly not getting rich off the proceeds of design time; but bringing these skills in house has really allowed us to control the quality process and make sure the end results for our customers are as best as they can be.

Mali Design - a wonderfully talented young artist that has caught our imagination.  Working with mono-tone and intricate details she captures such a rich texture of ideas that you can get lost in the layout.

Go Plastic Bag Free is an initiative available from Bag People which says what it does.  We’re aiming to reduce (or perhaps eliminate) single-use plastic bags.  Using the bags as an advertising banner business and communities benefit from the entire process.  It’s all positive and launching early in 2015.  See for all the details.

We’ve segmented our Global Operations to ensure that each region is serviced in the right way and has access to the appropriate content and product specifications.  The most visible way we’ve separated our business is our internet presence, so now you’ll find 3 regional websites.  Asia Pacific, North America and Canada and then Europe and the UK.  We’ve recognised that each region has specific needs and now now we’re delivering specific service.

The last thing we’ve done is move our Australian Operation.  All these activities have meant a real consolidation is needed, we’ve brought a whole range of activities back under one roof to ensure we maintain the levels of service our customers are used to and so that we can control the entire supply chain.  When we’re in control of the process we can make it happen.

2014 has been a bumper year of development, ideas and planning.  We’re expecting 2015 to be a big year of action and getting things done.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Go Plastic Bag Free

We're brewing a new concept.

Government Policy can only do so much.

Individuals can always do something.

Now we're soon to deliver an environmentally AND financially sustainable solution for your community and local businesses.

You've got the WHY we need to become plastic bag free, everyone knows that so I'm not going to go over it again.

But the HOW to go about being plastic bag free has always been the stumbling block.

In early 2015, we'll be launching the easiest HOW around.

Stay tuned.