Sunday, July 27, 2014

What else is in your Bag

When you're thinking about getting reusable bags for your business of event, be sure to think about more than fabric colour and what you'll have printed on them.

Sure - these 2 things are important.  But ask your self what else is in the bag?

More importantly, as your supplier about what is in the bag.  All those things you don't see.

Labour Standards
Free vs. Involuntary Employment
Child Labour
Working Conditions
Wages and Benefits
Environmental Conservation
Energy Use
Waste Management

All these things are covered in our Corporate Responsibility Statement.

What are the other bag suppliers doing about it?

It's up to you to ask the question.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Great Designs - No Additional Cost

Sometimes the simplest little things can give a great impact.

Here's the brief for this bag :
 -- Blue Non-woven Bag
 -- White Handle
 -- 1 Colour Screen Print

Technically very simple, easy to manufacture and no trouble to print.

BUT - do something a little bit different and the overall impact is massive.

Have a very quick think about the actual design for your next bag.

What could be done a little differently to give a bigger impact?

Contact Bag People to talk through a few idea.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Cornfield Print Jute Bag

 Cornfield Print from Planet Eco Bags
Here's another little gem from Planet Eco Bags.

A Laminated Jute Bag with a Cornfield Print on it.

Jute is a brillant fabric with the best environmental credentials of any low-cost, reusable, promotional bag available.

The bag itself does cost a little more than other options, but the end result of the bags + the end result for our planet is much much better.

Check-out at Planet Eco Bags.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The 3 Bears

Bag People have developed launched The 3 Bears set of Juco Bags.

Baby Bear
Mamma Bear
Pappa Bear

A great little set of bags that are suitable for just about anything.

A lot of our customers will buy these plain bags and decorate with any number of very clever things.

The use as gifts, favours and to re-sell.

Find out more from Bag People.