Monday, February 3, 2014

Evolution of Reusable

Reusable Bags come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and their evolution has been driven by consumers.

Consumer awareness has been the single greatest thing to drive the proliferation of Reusable Bags.

Consumer, then Business.  After consumers started (and maintained) the push to reusable, businesses were forced to listen.

Businesses then took the concept and morphed it in to a sales and marketing opportunity whereby they realised that branding the bags would create some level of customer loyalty and that the consumers would feel proud to be supporting businesses that were "onboard" with the reusable movement.

As with most things, businesses then start to take it too far and in this case were starting to focus too much profits and the bottom-line which lead to diminished product quality which subsequently began to reduce the initial concept...

Reusable means use it more than once.

With quality reducing and the notion of reusable being held by a very thin threat, it almost got to a point where their so-called reusable bag was worth not much more than a heavy-weight single-use bag.  Thus reducing the actual impact of reuse.

Now we're finding the the process is slowly coming full-circle and product quality is improving being reintroduced to bags so they'll actually last more than a few uses.

Another boost for better bags has been a number of Governments joining the cause and getting more reusable bags in circulation (usually via a small fee on single-use bags).

These small steps along a better quality reusable path will help us all in the long run.

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