Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Focus Marketing

A little while ago we had a customer who wanted to test the effectiveness of their Reusable Bags in brand awareness.

It was a simple exercise whereby they did 2 very simple & low cost things.

They acquired a different telephone number & URL to print on their bags.

These 2 new contact methods were printed only on their bags.

Then, they tracked the number of customers that contacted them via those 2 new methods.

Simple method of a note-pad next to the phone & tracking web traffic via their selected analytics package.

Quick & easy way to track whether bags were effective or not.

Now... they have not shared the "actual" effectiveness of the bags.

BUT - they've placed 3 re-orders for their bags with us.

I'll let you decide what the results might be?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Website Re-fresh

We've recently set about making an industry leading website.

Simple navigation, easy to access information, great product images and very fast loading.

You'd think that these few things were easy to get sorted.

Fact is, it's actually quite difficult to make things easy, simple and user friendly.

When we're going through any changes in our Company, we always try to think how an inexperienced user might interact with us?

Is it easy to get what you want when you need it?

Hopefully we think we might have got it... but we're always learning.

If you've got any suggestions or comments about our website we'd love to hear about them.

Contact Us directly with your ideas.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Our new range of Contrast Coloured Jute Bags are now in stock and going strong.

More & more customers are discovering the value of Jute, not only for their brand, but also for the environment.

What does your brand need?

Contact Us for more details.