Thursday, March 28, 2013

You Can Make a Difference

A few weeks ago we Tweeted the question whether an individual can really make a difference?

Sure, Bill Gates is making great inroads in a number of areas, but we asked can the average business or person do anything remarkable?

One of our customers - Footgear - is making a good effort.

Bag People have made a Bamboo Drawstring for Footgear to offer their customers to assist keep their shoes in top condition.

Footgear have gone one better by offering customers an option to take a free Paper Bag or a Bamboo Bag in exchange for a $1 donation to Animals Asia.

"The uptake by customers has been about 95% for the Bamboo Bag which includes the $1.00 donation" said John of Footgear.

What a brilliant result for Footgear as a business, their customers, the products & most of all the Animals Asia Charity.

What can you do to make a difference?

About Footgear ::
Footgear is a specialist retailer selling only the world's leading brands in comfort/lifestlye footwear, both online and in 6 Stores accross South-East Queensland.  Family owned since 2005.

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Stephanie Cosgrove said...

Well done John, we are going to follow your lead and move to environmentally friendly packaging too. Cheers Stephanie