Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Be Predictable and Random too

OK.  Yes, it's a weird title to start a Blog post, but hear me out.

Our business has 2 aims as seen in Bag People's Mission Statement :
  1)  building value & profitability within our business (doing things right)
  2)  aiming to be the supplier of choice for reusable bags (doing the right things)

The 1st point is up to us, we look after the profitability part by making sure we're doing things the right way within our business.

The 2nd is all up to you guys.  We make sure we do things right which is will be the catalyst for our customers to keep coming back.

The easiest was to do this is by being predictable.  Some might thinks it's boring, but predictability to the absolute key to success.

We make sure the things happen the way we say they will.  That's our promise to every customer.  We do everything within our power to make sure things happen as planned.

Yet - sometimes the best laid plans can come unstuck & again, it's our job to deliver the news.  Most of the time it's bad news (usually a delayed delivery), but we promise to let you know the news as soon as we can + let you know how we're going about fixing it + what an alternative might be to get you out of trouble.

It's predictability that also makes sure we respond to emails within 24 hours & return phone calls by the next business day.

It's predictability that let's us set a price & stick to it.

It's predictability that let's us be certain our products will do the job you need them to do.  We know what the end result will be & can use the masses of knowledge we've attained to ensure we can offer the best solutions & the back them up without a shadow-of-a-doubt.

Now the 2nd part of the post title is Random by that I mean creative & inventive - not random (but that's a boring title)... how many times have you heard the term creative thinking or something similar?  Yawn; you'll never read that post based on the title.

But random has a chance of getting your attention.

And THAT'S what we want for your bags - get people's attention, get them to start the conversation about your company/brand.

Because we have the predictability of knowing our products we have fantastic grounds to be able to get creative for you & really make something that will stand out.

No one wants "just another boring shopping bag".  You're bag needs life.

It's our creativity that gives you that life.

So, you should Contact Bag People to be sure & find out what you should use for your next project.

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