Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fairtrade is more than just better Pay

The Fairtrade movement started life from the vision that developed countries needed to be more responsible for their actions towards developing countries.

The ethos is simple - but very difficult to bring in to reality.

Some of the top priorities were to give primary produces better compensation for their products (basically paying more for the same products).

This simple movement has taken giant steps since inception & now were finding that Fairtrade is accessing all kinds other benefits for developing countries.

It's not just about more money, it's about better standards of living, better pathways for development, better business practises (which means equality rather than being bullied).

Now we're finding that the Fairtrade movement is actually cracking down on child labour.

In a recent post they mentioned they've started exploring the staffing methods for Sporting Balls.

Balls are a far cry from bags, but the thrust is the same.

Bag People been monitoring child labour within out factories for 12 years & being part of Fairtrade this monitoring becomes a necessity to be involved in the Fairtrade program.

Have you checked your suppliers lately?

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