Friday, September 21, 2012

The Unforgettable Bag

... well, there's always a chance you'll forget  :-)

But, a Stuff Bag from Bag People will shorten the odds quite a bit.

It's a great little bag that's made from light-weight polyester & folds up in to a little pouch all to itself.

Never loose the pouch because it's actually part of the bag (sewn in to the top seam).

Once they're back in the Pouch - easy store in your handbag, glove box or that little shifty area in the drivers door.


Contact Bag People for more details.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What size is your footprint?

There is no doubt that human beings have an impact on the Earth.  That fact is undeniable.

The level of that impact varies greatly & there's continual debate on the topic.

But, no matter what you think or how you act - you are having an impact on the Earth.

So, the question is "what is my personal level of impact?"

Can you repair or reuse a something as opposed to throwing it out & buying a new one?

Can you walk instead of using the car?

Can you refill that water bottle?  Can you use an air-tight container to store your food rather than a single-use plate?

At work, can you read something on screen rather than printing it.

Do you turn out the lights?

Then... what about your suppliers; what are their thoughts & processes?

How do they work & how do they operate?

Here's how we work  ::  Corporate Responsibility

Make sure you ask your other suppliers the same question.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Do YOU need bailing out?


You've got the stand arranged, all the stock & displays are ready.

Price lists & catalogues are complete & look fantastic.

The staff are ready, their uniforms are looking very sharp.

You've even organised the Fish Bowl for business cards & another little bowl for mints & treats.

OHH NO - you've forgotten the bags.

Bag People have a wide range of stock that's ready to go.  Get delivery over-night for plain / unprinted bags, or have them screen printed within a week.

Sometimes it's not humanly possible to get it sorted & if not we'll let you know; BUT it's worth asking.

Contact Us to see what we can do in record time.