Thursday, August 23, 2012

What is a great Product?

A great product goes beyond the quality, goes beyond delivery & certainly goes beyond price.

A great product gives you that feeling that you've done something good.  It's leave you with the feeling that everyone in the transaction has done well & gotten their fair share.

At Bag People our aim to to ensure that everyone wins.

Our customers win because they've received a great quality product at a reasonable price which was delivered when promised.

Our suppliers win because they have been paid a fair & equitable amount for the products & services they've produced.

We win because we get paid on time by happy customers that are raving about our service, responsiveness & ability to communicate - then deliver.

Think back to a time when you've had a great product/service experience.

Did the feeling last just during the transaction, or was is lasting throughout the lifetime of that product; every time you used it (or thought about it) it made you feel good again.

More importantly - how did you relate your experience to other people?  I'm sure it was quite enthusiastic.

At Bag People we aim to have happy customers that will speak highly of us & our business.

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