Friday, August 3, 2012

Everyone Needs Help

Company Policies & Mission Statements will tell you what we do & how we go about it.

But, the WHY is the biggest driving factor.

Of course, we want to make our own situation better - that of ourselves, our family & friends.

We also want to help better the lives of those far less fortunate than us.

At Bag People we believe there's always room for 10%, that's why we give back to the community by supporting our selected charities :

World Vision. We help them to make the difference in the developing world. World Vision delivers education, health care & infrastructure to those how need it most.

The Smith Family "Learning for Life". Assisting young people from under-privileged families & communities with their schooling, basic education & life skills. The formative years for young people are difficult enough without the added burdens of financial pressure that limits access to education & sometimes reasonable nutrition. Learning for Life brings some stability to those who need it most.

We hope that giving to these 2 causes will give optimism, confidence, faith & trust to that that need it most.

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