Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What Bag to Choose

When you're thinking about bags for your business or event there are a couple of factors you should keep in mind :

1) Single-use or Reusable?
Have a think about the emphasis you'd like to re-enforce with your bags, do you want people to think that it is an environmentally friendly option... or something else?

2) Advertising Space or Subtle Branding?
In all our years of manufacturing promotional bags we have found that people feel good about using a reusable bag.  BUT, they don't want to be carrying a "walking billboard" for your business - the only reason they'll do that is if you've got a premium brand.  If not (like most of us) you'll need to be more discrete with your branding.  Try to get a mix of nice looking & impactful yet nicely understated & not too much "in your face".

3) Price vs. Value
There's a big difference between price/cost & value.  In studies of consumer buying behaviour it has been discovered that the primary indicator of quality is price.  This means you should be careful if you put a price on your bags.

4) Fabric Options
Bag People have a number of fabric options available - each option has a target price-point with an under lying mixed of functionality.  When choosing your fabric option have a think about what it will be saying about your business & brand positioning.

5) Functionality
There are an almost endless number of design options for your bags.  When thinking about what style of bag to use, you should think about how your intended users will be using their bags - are they Uni Students, kids, the elderly... it is a 'show bag' or shopping bag... will there be heaps of weight to carry?

6) Delivery Time
The basic hard & fast need of supply... when it your event?  Is there a tight dead-line or is there plenty of time.

7) Cost
Finally, there's the very simple question of "how much will it cost?"  It's a very real factor that every business ness to address.

A quick chat with Bag People will help make you decision easier.

We'll also send out samples so you can make educated decisions about which way to go.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The ClimateCare initiative has been gathering momentum for a number of years.

Bag People are proud to be an early adopting subscriber to their extraordinary services.

ClimateCare is the originator of carbon credits aswell as sourcing/trading credits on behalf of companies.

They also administer voluntary offset-schemes for companies & then sell the credits to individuals.

Their work is having a positive impact on the environment & also the awareness of how businesses interact with the environment.

Check out for more info.