Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Be the First or Be the Best

In the Technology Sector there are 2 descriptions to be mindful of :

Bleeding Edge -- this is the extreme forefront of the latest development.  Very high risk / reward possibilities.  If things go well, everyone wins : investors & consumers... but if it goes badly, there there are plenty of broken dreams & lots of lost money.

Leading Edge -- these area is occupied by companies that get on board with technology & ideas that is still proving itself & there is still a wide opportunity to shape the basics, but the absolute outcome is not clear.

No matter what sector you're involved in there are always new developments to be mindful of.

When new things come around you can make the decision to get on board early or wait a little while.

At Bag People we tend to wait a little while; not too long, but we wait & see what's going to happen.

Although there are not a great deal of technological product developments in bags - there are a number of new things occurring all the time.

There are better methods of recycling, more efficient operation of machinery, faster & more effective delivery methods, plus advancements in the way producers & manufacturers are treated (see the Fairtrade movement is a good example here).

By waiting we can see what benefits there might be & how it may effect our business & therefore our customer.

Then, after we've selected our path - we put plenty of resources behind it to give it the best possible chance of success.

The end result, our business benefits & we have plenty of Happy Customers.

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