Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rapid Delivery with no Guessing

With more stock arriving all the we're getting faster & faster at delivering to your door.

Our Australian warehouse is in Sydney's north & with today's modern delivery & tracking mechanisms we can be sure to get your orders delivered in Industry Best Time.

We make sure every step of production & distribution is closely followed, so if you have an event we can be sure to deliver.

That said - there are always delays & hiccups along the way.  Sometimes the delays are within our control, but other times they're totally out of our control.

In either situation, we'll tell you what's going on with your delivery.

Bad news needs to be delivered just the same as goods news... so we tell it how it is.

We consider our customers as partners, so it is on our interest to keep you happy.  We'll always endeavour to make it all happen; but when it doesn't we're there with you.

Only an old friend can tell you how it "really" is & we do the same.

BUT - it's not often that is all goes bad.

See for yourself.  These are the responses given by our customers after their order is delivered

 1) How was our communication?
       - 93% - Exceptional
       - 4% - Very Good
       - 3% - Good
       - 0% - Poor
       - 0% - Very Bad

 2) Did we deliver as promised?
       - 97% - Yes
       - 3% - No

 3) What about our product quality?
       - 94% - Exceptional
       - 2% - Very Good
       - 4% - Good
       - 0% - Poor
       - 0% - Very Bad

Leave it to us & we'll make it happen.

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