Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Is Fast Good?

In our business - as with almost all businesses - mistakes cost money.

No matter what error has occurred, it's going to cost money (or time... and time is money, so they say).

So how does the relate to bags?

First, there are the time pressures of events, conferences and meetings.  If you miss the date, well... you might as well toss the lot away.

Second is print and brand accuracy.  If you get the printing wrong or the branding is not correct (colour, proportions, position or sizes) the impact could almost certainly cost money or at the very least create some lost presence or perhaps branding confusion.

Third is quality and accuracy of production.  Making sure that the end product will last is of utmost importance. Everyone wants quality and everyone wants a good image.  So it's worth spending a bit more time on getting things right and making sure the materials are of sustainable quality.

Getting these few things right is extremely important in our business because You have entrusted us with your deadlines, brand and quality.

We take the steps to make sure we get it right.

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