Monday, April 23, 2012

Jute - our Reusable Future

Jute Bags are fast becoming the path forward in our reusable future.

Although they are bigger & heavier than most of the alternatives.  The small amount of additional fuel for transportation is quickly offset by the vast number of benefits offered in other areas.

Jute is a 100% natural fibre & there's no need for any additional man-made ingredients.

Jute is grown using similar methods to that of organic farming where crops are rotated seasonally & there are no herbicides or pesticides used.

Jute has no need for genetic modification.  It's a very hardy plant that grows to harvestable maturity in 4-6 months.

The whole Jute plant is used.  The inner section is used to create the Jute fibres for making products like bags, twine/rope, paper, shoes, carpet backing.  Then the outer section & leaves are used as firewood.

Harvest is between July & October with the primary growing region in the Bengal area (India & Bangladesh).  There are other regions producing Jute - such as China & Brazil.

Jute is the smart choice for a range of reasons.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rapid Delivery with no Guessing

With more stock arriving all the we're getting faster & faster at delivering to your door.

Our Australian warehouse is in Sydney's north & with today's modern delivery & tracking mechanisms we can be sure to get your orders delivered in Industry Best Time.

We make sure every step of production & distribution is closely followed, so if you have an event we can be sure to deliver.

That said - there are always delays & hiccups along the way.  Sometimes the delays are within our control, but other times they're totally out of our control.

In either situation, we'll tell you what's going on with your delivery.

Bad news needs to be delivered just the same as goods news... so we tell it how it is.

We consider our customers as partners, so it is on our interest to keep you happy.  We'll always endeavour to make it all happen; but when it doesn't we're there with you.

Only an old friend can tell you how it "really" is & we do the same.

BUT - it's not often that is all goes bad.

See for yourself.  These are the responses given by our customers after their order is delivered

 1) How was our communication?
       - 93% - Exceptional
       - 4% - Very Good
       - 3% - Good
       - 0% - Poor
       - 0% - Very Bad

 2) Did we deliver as promised?
       - 97% - Yes
       - 3% - No

 3) What about our product quality?
       - 94% - Exceptional
       - 2% - Very Good
       - 4% - Good
       - 0% - Poor
       - 0% - Very Bad

Leave it to us & we'll make it happen.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Is Fast Good?

In our business - as with almost all businesses - mistakes cost money.

No matter what error has occurred, it's going to cost money (or time... and time is money, so they say).

So how does the relate to bags?

First, there are the time pressures of events, conferences and meetings.  If you miss the date, well... you might as well toss the lot away.

Second is print and brand accuracy.  If you get the printing wrong or the branding is not correct (colour, proportions, position or sizes) the impact could almost certainly cost money or at the very least create some lost presence or perhaps branding confusion.

Third is quality and accuracy of production.  Making sure that the end product will last is of utmost importance. Everyone wants quality and everyone wants a good image.  So it's worth spending a bit more time on getting things right and making sure the materials are of sustainable quality.

Getting these few things right is extremely important in our business because You have entrusted us with your deadlines, brand and quality.

We take the steps to make sure we get it right.

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