Friday, March 9, 2012

Swing Towards Natural Fibres

Bag People have been in business since 1993 & we've seen a lot of trends in that time.

In the last 10 years there has been a real swing towards Reusable Bags.  Custom-made & branded bags suitable for all kinds of businesses & needs.

The main push during this time has been Non-woven Polypropylene - the Classic Green Bag that you get from your local Supermarket.

The Reusable Bag trend is still continuing & in the last 2 years has evolved once again toward Natural Fibres, such as Cotton, Canvas, Bamboo & Jute.

Momentum for these fabric options continues to build for a number of factors, but as far as we can tell - there are only 3 main drivers :

1) perception of value - customers view these natural fibres as more luxurious than the same-old same-old Non-woven Bags.

2) biodegradability - people know that plastic takes millions of years to totally decompose - if at all & considering the ever increasing impact humans have on the planet, people are becoming more & more aware of what happens to their waste after it is gone from view.

3) improved consistency of supply - 5 to 7 years ago the supply of natural fibres was very inconsistent, the quality varied wildly & the ability to make a firm promise about delivery was not possible, but over the years, the product quality has improved as has the supply channel to allow us (the suppliers) to be certain (within reason of course) to promise delivery.

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