Thursday, March 1, 2012

Print Ready Artwork

Getting the right bag & then getting the bags right takes some doing.

It's a skill that is practised over & over again & at Bag People, we have that skill.

As with any professional, when you see them in action they make the activity look effortless & simple, uncluttered & basic.

At Bag People, we take the stress out of getting things right.  We've been making bags since 1993, so we know how to take your concept & turn it into the product you want.

Usually, artwork is the biggest hassle for our customers & that's why we take the steps to ensure that the artwork is correct.

No matter what images, files, pictures or artwork you've got - we can take it & make it print-ready.

Here's an example from a recent job, not going to tell you which is before & after ;-)

The point is simple...

We take the hassle away.

Don't worry about how it's going to happen.  We look after that.

Bag People make it happen.

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