Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Non-woven - 500 to 1

So what is Non-woven Fabric?

The 1st thing to know is that it's not woven like conventional fabric.

If you look at a sheet of Cotton, you'll see it is knitted or woven together by individually strands of Cotton.

Non-woven fabric is formed in to a sheet by bonding the base material (usually Polypropylene, which is a plastic) together by entangling the fibres together either mechanically, thermally or chemically.

The most common production method for Non-woven fabric is to create a sheet made directly from molten plastic.

Non-woven Polypropylene can contain a percentage of recycled material, but adding recycled material to the molten plastic can reduce strength in the end product, so the percentage of recycled material introduced is determined by the integrity required in the end product.

Bag People include 30% Recycled Content in all our Non-woven Bags.

Non-woven PET can be 100% Recycled.

Unlike other fabric, Non-woven's can be created with the-end-in-mind product & can be constructed for a variety of uses with varying degrees of :

  • liquid absorbency / repellence
  • resilience / flexibility
  • stretch / softness
  • flame retardancy
  • washability
  • cushioning
  • filtering
  • sterility (for bacterial barriers)
The array of customisable properties for Non-woven fabric's can be suited to many specific jobs.

Non-woven fabric has proven to have a good balance balance between product use-life and cost & as such has proven to be a good replacement for single use plastic bags.

A well made Non-woven Supermarket Bag has the capability to eliminate the need for up to 500 single use plastic bags.

While Non-woven fabric is a plastic petrochemical & does have it's shortcomings, they do proved a reasonable alternative to single use plastic bags.  Which can cause more environmental damage - especially to animal life.

There are pro's & con's for both options & you'll need to make your own judgement on which is best for your needs & the needs of the environment.

There's plenty we can all do - we just need to do it.

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