Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Improve Customer Loyalty

Get your Reusable Bags to increase customer traffic & loyalty.

Encourage customers to return to your business with a simple loyalty program.

Many businesses use these programs with great effect.

Some are quite complex, like Frequent Flyer or Credit Card programs.

Others are very simple, like your local Coffee Shop who may have a loyalty card (like a business card) they punch every time you buy your favourite coffee.

Buy 7 Coffee's & get the 8th for Free.

Why not use a bag?

Get bags printed for your business & be sure to include your loyalty message on it somewhere.

Something simple like :
 - 5% off your total when you reuse this bag
 - free carton of milk when you reuse this bag
 - 5 free Oranges when you reuse this bag

You get the idea.

What can be adapted to your business?

Have a think, then Contact Bag People to get the bags.


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