Monday, November 28, 2011

Bag People's Learning Lab

In the New Year, we're introducing a number of "mini-series" style posts to help you get the most from your bags.

The Bag People Learning Lab will be a central store of information relevant to the little things that make great bags.

We will have style & design tips, ideas for layouts & artwork, plus a few little things that make a massive difference to Reusable Bags.

Be sure to check the Bag People Learning Lab in 2012.

In the mean time, Contact Us directly if you need any input or ideas.

Monday, November 21, 2011

If you only need a couple of Bags

Often we have end-of-line stock available.  This means you can buy just a few at a time (minimum order of 10 bags).

Be sure to keep an eye on the stock available - Bag People End of Line Stock.

These bags are in our Australian Warehouse, so delivery will be cheapest within Australia, but we can send to all corners of the globe - if needed.

Contact Us to find out more.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jute Innovations

We sell bags to lots of different people for lots of different reasons.

Kathryn Leggett, the owner of Nanny Squirrel Creations takes our unprinted Jute Bags & converts them to exceptional pieces.

Here's a couple of Kathryn's recent conversions :

It starts with our unprinted Jute Bags

Then a Leopard print is added

Or perhaps a funky B&W pattern is more your taste

Find out more directly from Nanny herself ::

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Study the Quotes you get

Our business is based on integrity & Ethical Trade.  The Corporate Responsibility section of our website shows who we are & how we work.

We do not waiver from these principles.

Our products are very popular & we sell a lot of bags, but we are never the cheapest.

Because we're not the cheapest, we loose a lot of orders based on price.

However, when the comparison quotes are analysed, we tend to have the better price.

The way it occurs is :
  1)  we receive the details required for the bags
  2)  we quote on the requirements as stated
  3)  our pricing is invariably more expensive than the competition

The hidden factor is usually found in the competitive quotes - whereby they have under-quoted on the specifications requested & as such they'll win the order because the quotes are not scrutinised closely to check comparability.

The result is that you, your business, your clients & customers are undersold on the quality that was expected.

Don't undersell your business - make sure the quotes you receive are based on like-for-like products.

When the playing field is level, you'll find out pricing is actually very competitive.

Be sure to Contact Bag People for your reusable bag needs.


When making comparisons, be sure to compare :
  --  fabric weights
  --  fabric colour option - are they an additional cost?
  --  plastic base board - included or additional?
  --  handle stitching method - sewn to top seam only, or sewn all down the side
  --  any additional print set-up charges
  --  local taxes, duty or clearance fee's
  --  courier & delivery charges