Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tough Times. Keep Marketing.

Times are still tough... and will get tougher for everyone. There is no denying that everyone is facing uncertain times economically.

If you or your business have already committed to a "tread lightly on the earth" approach, then NOW is the time to reaffirm these commitments.

If you and your family have committed to buying organic produce, despite a slightly higher price, keep buying it. Naturally it is superior nutritionally, and it is only with increased demand that the price will balance out to be on par with conventionally grown produce.

If your family or business may have committed to green energy sources. Keep these programs going. Again, it is only with increased demand and momentum that energy companies can provide these services cost-effectively.

Business owners are now examining their business structures and all their operating costs very carefully. Unfortunately advertising and marketing budgets can suffer when the dollars are tight.

Now is a great time to examine some cost effective marketing you may not have considered before.

Of course, bags provide all kinds of businesses with an opportunity to market their brand and make a statement about their commitment to greening their operations.

Reusable bags can easily replace plastic bags for food and non-food retailers, educational institutions, and businesses exhibiting at trade shows. The wonderful thing about these "green bags" is that your customers do your marketing for you.

They literally carry a walking billboard around for your business.

You can get these bags walking around for as little as $0.85 per bag. Now compare that with other marketing efforts!

So, amongst all the doomsday rhetoric going on right now, it's time for us to challenge our comfortable, familiar ways.

Go on, try something different. Going green will open up many opportunities for us all.

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