Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Suppliers. More Choices

There are virtually thousands of companies you can buy bags from & there are more companies popping up all the time.

When making a decision about which company to choose as your bag supplier, do you make the decision on price only - or are there other factors that you consider?

Look at the Product
-- Will the product stand the tests that you & your customers will put it through?
-- What kind of fabric is it made from? Will it last?
-- How is it made? What is the sewing like & what about the overall design?

Look at the Supplier
-- How long have they been in business?
-- What are their responses like?
-- Do they answer the phone?
-- Are queries answered promptly, or do you always wait until tomorrow to hear back?

Look at the Factory they use
-- What are conditions like for the people that actually make the bags? Are their conditions adequate?
-- Has the Supplier ever visited the Factory to see what it's like?

Look at Delivery
-- it's not always about speed of delivery (sometimes it is)
-- what is information & communication like?
-- do things happen when you have been told they will?

Although bags are a simple product, there's a lot of complexity behind the scenes.

If you take a longer/deeper look at the overall product & process you'll surprised at some of the responses.

Check for yourself.

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