Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Find me a Rock - Get Your Brief Right

Our post from last month (11th April - Get the most from your Bags) has created a lot of interest.

Some of our customers are even asking "what does it means?"

Put simply, it means that you need to make sure you've got all your information & data in place before going out & getting anything done.

We have a phrase in our office. "This one's playing 'Find me a Rock'.", it's a term we use when customers might not have completely formulated their thoughts & ideas.

Basically - they've got no idea.

Just take a moment to think about a rock. Have you considered the almost infinite variety of rocks... the mind boggles.

- size (dimensions)
- shape
- colour
- texture
- weight
- composition - what's it made from?

The amount of possible combinations is astounding & would most certainly be over-whelming if you tried to compare every-single-possible-option.

This is where is pays to narrow your focus. Have a ready through our previous post & then have a think about which way you'd like to go with your bags.

We can certainly help with the process & will most likely have a few ideas you may not have thought of.

After all we are Your Promotional Bag Specialists.

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