Monday, February 7, 2011

Fairtrade Cotton

The Fairtrade Certified Cotton label on a product guarantees that the Cotton growers in developing countries receive a fair minimum price & a premium to invest in social & environmental development initiatives to benefit their communities.

Bag People have entered the movement with our Cotton Bags to ensure sustainability of supply, high quality products & fair reward for growers.

Our bags made from Fairtrade Certified Cotton already carry the Fairtrade label - which is sewn into the side seam of every bag - this means our products & procedures have been scrutinised & audited to meet the strict policies of the Fairtrade Organisation.

So what?

Well, this is another step to our company living up to our Mission, plus we believe there is a definite obligation for developed countries to assist the developing.

Although it seems like a small step; there are big gains to be made with small steps.

Sure, Fairtrade Cotton is more expensive than other types, but at what cost?

What are you doing for sustainability? Use our credentials & supply chain to do you bit for our future.

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